Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment

MUMIS ran from 01-07-2000 until 01-01-2003. The goal of MUMIS was to develop basic technology for automatic indexing of multimedia programme material. More general information about the project can be found at:

  • Home page at CTIT
  • MUMIS fact sheet

Two departments at the Radboud University were involved in MUMIS:


  • J. Sturm, J.M. Kessens, M. Wester, F. de Wet, E. Sanders, H. Strik (2003)
    Automatic Transcription of Football Commentaries in the MUMIS Project.
    Proceedings of Eurospeech, Geneva, Switzerland, pp. 1853-1856. [PDF]
  • M. Wester, J.M. Kessens, H. Strik (2002)
    Goal-directed ASR in a multimedia indexing and searching environment (MUMIS)
    Proc. of ICSLP-2002, Denver, USA, pp. 1993-1996. [PDF]


  • M. Wester, J.M. Kessens, J. Sturm, E. Sanders, P. Tielen, H. Strik (2003)
    Speech Recogniser.
    Deliverable D-5.2-T28 of MUMIS (Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment), Project ref. no. IST-1999-10651, 14 February 2003, 53 pages.
  • M. Wester, Judith M. Kessens, H. Strik (2002)
    Automatic Speech Recognition for MUMIS
    Deliverable D-5.1-T20 of MUMIS (Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment), Project ref. no. IST-1999-10651, 28 February 2002, 26 pages.
  • T. Declerck, T. van der Togt, P. Wittenburg, H. Strik (2001)
    User Requirements Analysis.
    Deliverable D-1.1 of the MUMIS (Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment) project, Project ref. no. IST-1999-10651, 15 February 2001, 20 pages.


  • MUMIS meeting, Nijmegen [PPT]
  • MUMIS meeting, Paris [PPT]
  • MUMIS meeting, Brussels [PPT]
  • Poster presented at the 7th International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP-2002), Denver, Co, USA, on Thursday 19 Sept. (ThC43p.8) [PPT] [PDF]
  • COST 278 meeting in Barcelona, Spain on Monday 11 Feb. 2003 & MUMIS final review meeting, Nijmegen [PPT]