HLT4LL: Accepted Papers

K. Beuls
Constructional language models as building blocks for an intelligent language tutor

H. Paulussen, F. Bonachela Capdevila, P. Debevere, M. Montero Perez, M. Vanbrabant, W. De Neve and S. De Wannemacker
Automatic document enrichment for language learners

D.J. Prinsloo, E. Taljard, T. Bothma and U. Heid
Interactive decision trees for teaching and learning of Northern Sotho colour terms

B. Penning de Vries, S. Bodnar, C. Cucchiarini, R. van Hout and H.Strik
Spoken Output and Corrective Feedback in an ASR-based CALL system

S. Bodnar, B. Penning de Vries, C. Cucchiarini, R. van Hout and H. Strik
Learners’ motivational state in CALL practice: a new challenge for HLT-oriented CALL research

P. Drozdova, M. Huijbregts, C. Cucchiarini and H. Strik
GOBL: Games Online for Basic Language Learning

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