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Control of fundamental frequency and intensity in running speech
H. Strik & L. Boves (1988d)
J. of the Acous. Soc. of America 84(S1), S82(A).

This study explores the control of fundamental frequency (F0) and intensity level (IL) in running speech. To that end simultaneous recordings of speech, electroglottogram, lung volume, sub- and supraglottal pressure (Psb and Psp), and EMG activity of cricothyroid, vocalis and sternohyoid were obtained for three Dutch subjects. After preprocessing, the data were subjected to a stepwise multiple regression analysis. F0 and IL were used as dependent variables. Results show that the pressure signals are the most important factors in the control of both F0 and IL. However, results are dependent on the analyzing method used. On sentence level Psb appears to be the most important mechanism controlling F0, while on word level Psp and muscle activity become more important. For IL, on sentence level Psb and Psp seem to contribute equally to its control via transglottal pressure. But on the level of individual words Psp alone explains approximately 80% of the total variance of IL.

[Research supported by the Foundation of Linguistics, funded by N.W.O.]

Technical Committee: Speech Communication.

(PACS) Subject Classification number(s): 43.70.Aj, 43.70.Bk

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